So Much Time

It’s been awhile.

After everything that happened last year, with regards to buying my house, I’ve been busy. What’s most interesting, however, is what’s kept me busy is nothing that would normally keep me busy.

In January I began working on 3D printing miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons for my family. For me, it was the first time experiencing 3D printing. More to the point, since I’ve been working with 3D modeling for years, the concept of 3D printing has always been appealing. However, the first dozen or so attempts made me realize I had to rethink some things.

So, I began working on optimizing and repairing my models for 3D printing. I’ve done quite well on many of them, but it sucks taking 9 hours to find out if your print is bad. Moreover, it sucks to find out you wasted the timeĀ and the resin.

Still, as the year thawed, so to speak, I began doing more work outside the house, as well as occasionally doing more 3D work in imagery. Of that, the latest thing I did was to make all the characters I’ve ever played in Dungeons and Dragons. What can I say? I get bored sometimes.

They’re all listed below in order of my first characters to the most recent ones. Click on the images to see a larger, fuller version.

Madrick, Ranger and twin of Maverick

Maverick, Fighter and twin of Madrick

Lance, Fighter

Janah, Assassin

Morsenim, Rogue

Gadellis, Druid

Progno, Barbarian

Terrlata, Sorcerer

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